South Wales Materials Association

On the 31st January, The South Wales Materials Association held the first round of the IOM3 Young Persons Lecture Competition. The rules were simple: each competitor had to be of 28 years of age or younger and talk about a subject of their choice for around 15 minutes. There were four competitors on the night. They were Alastair Barnes (the defending champion), Andy Skippins, Elizabeth Mills and myself. So first up was Alastair who talked about why batteries explode and used the Samsung Galaxy Note disastrous battery failures as a brilliant example. Then, onto Andy who used his third year project of depositing thin layer of graphene films onto samples in order to analyse it’s amazing properties. Elizabeth went down a completely different route and talked about how humans and marine wildlife need to work together in order to preserve future conservation of this delicate ecosystem. Then finally, I took to the stage to explain about my EngD topic of MuCell Injection Moulding which is an innovative way of reducing plastic consumption in the Injection Moulding process. 

After the talks, the audience and speakers were able to enjoy some much deserved pizza along with a drink while the judges decided who was going to take the top spot. After much debate, it was decided that the winner was to be the defending champion: Alastair. I’d like to congratulate Alastair, it was clear that he had a lot more experience and knowledge in giving presentations and it was really good for the future of not just me, but for the rest of the competitors, to see someone like Alastair in action. The range of topics presented on the night was really good and gave a large diversity of engineering and science topics which kept the audience hooked. 

I would like to thank The South Wales Materials Association for hosting a wonderful evening, along with the judges for their time, all the helpers who got the pizza and drink sorted for the night and also all of the audience who came to support the evening. I look forward to next year and wish Alastair the best of luck in the next round!

Gethin Llewelyn

1st Year EngD with the M2A

1 February 2017