Software / Embedded Engineer - ISD

Key Information Company ISD

ISD is a new startup company with a number of patent within structural health monitoring.  The company is based in Cymmer near Port Talbot.  The current exciting and ambitious projects focuses on a system that will remotely monitor and report the structural condition, in real time, of lighting columns, supports and structures.  The data will be in the form of e.g. column deflection, wind direction and speed, temperature etc.

The software / embedded engineer will be fully immersed in the full development lifecycle of the project and therefore having experience of working through all stages of project development would be highly beneficial.  Within the development cycle, you will have responsibility for tasks such as requirements gathering, development, delivery and support.

 Key Responsibilities

  • To help plan and create the software system infrastructure
  • To design and develop a detailed front end, back end services and data analysis
  • Development of Firmware for an embedded system
  • Use efficient, reusable and reliable code to ensure the best possible performance, quality for a robust application
  • Identify bottlenecks, bugs and trouble shoot to devise solutions to coding problems
  • To undertake full testing of all developments prior to release
  • Be involved in the full project lifecycle for new project work from initial design / development to project release
  • Prepare design documentation and specifications

 Required Software Skills/Experience

  • Solid development experience using Python, .NET Framework with C# for both ASP.NET and Windows Forms in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Experience of Web Application development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript PHP and SQL Server. Comprehensive technical knowledge of various servers, OS systems, platforms and debuggers.
  • Software version control (GIT)

 Required Embedded Skills/Experience

  • Firmware development for an embedded system (microcontrollers, processors, DSP)
  • Programming C, C++, Assembly languages
  • Development using Real-time operating systems
  • Use of development and debugging tools in an embedded system (e.g. JTAG)
  • Exposure to Product Life Cycle and Software Development methodologies
  • Familiarity with interfacing to serial ports, A/D and D/A converters, RAM/Flash memories, and other digital electronics
  • Knowledge and some experience with Wireless communication standards and protocols, with ZIGBEE and 6LoWPAN based embedded solutions
  • Software version control

For further information contact Michael Harris michaelh@alulight.co.uk

Closing Date 31 July 2017