Addition of alloying agents to improve the performance of Zn/Al metallic coated steel.

Key Information

Tata Steel Europe (TSE) is the second largest producer of pre-painted steel in Europe. To maintain this position, the organisation is constantly trying to improve the current product range, either through the development of best in class coatings for the construction industry, improved offerings in service or through added functionality. The majority of the premium coated products produced by Tata Steel Colors combine Zn/Al metallic coated steel substrate with advanced Cr(VI) free organic coatings, which allows Tata to offer the warranties of up to 40 years.

The aim of this project is to add different alloying additives to the Zn/Al coating to further improve corrosion performance or maintain performance at lower coating thickness.

Project Aims

The project aims of the research will be to :

Introduce new alloying additives eg Mg, to Zn/Al coatings and assess their impact on corrosion resistance using analytical techniques such as SVET and time lapse imagery.

Determine how additions to the Zn/Al metallic coating would affect the paintability, corrosion performance and durability of organically coated products.

Understand the relationship between modified Zn/Al coating thickness with corrosion performance in comparison with conventional systems.


Suitable Candidate

Suitable for a materials or chemistry student, with an interest sustainability or paint chemistry.

Sponsoring Company Tata Steel Colors

Candidates should hold an Engineering or Physical Sciences degree with a minimum classification level of 2:1 or equivalent relevant experience. 

 Our funders require applicants to also meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must be a UK or EU citizen (i.e. eligible for ‘home’ tuition fees at the University) and have the right to work in Wales at the end of your studies.
  • You must be resident in West Wales and the Valleys at the point of enrolment and throughout the duration of your studies.
  • You must not be financially able to participate without the award of grant funding.

Further information regarding eligibility criteria can be found at: http://www.materials-academy.co.uk/eligibility

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The studentship covers the full cost of UK/EU tuition fees, plus a tax free stipend of £20,000 p.a.

Closing Date 3 August 2018

Start Date October 2018

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Informal enquiries about this studentship are welcome and may be directed by email to: M2A@swansea.ac.uk