"In these challenging times the EngD will lead to endless opportunities"

- Victoria, Research Engineer

Interested in starting an industry focused doctorate or masters postgraduate qualification in October 2022 - with a generous stipend attached and an industrial sponsor to work with?

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Functional Industrial Coatings

The centre of doctoral training (CDT) in Functional Industrial Coatings has been co-created with a range of industry partners to produce 50 doctoral graduates who will develop the next generation of functional coated products. These could include next generation energy producing coatings, smart release anti-corrosion systems and antimicrobial systems for healthcare. The centre has been co-created with industry and will accelerate the translation of academic research from the laboratory to the factory whilst developing the industry leaders of the future.

Materials & Manufacturing Academy

This technical stream provides expert technical knowledge in all areas of Materials and Manufacturing. Current projects areas encompass research topics as varied as advanced steel metallurgy, composite manufacture and modelling of advanced speed boat hulls.

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The Materials and Manufacturing Academy work with a wide range of companies and research projects. As all projects are industrially focused, the sponsoring company get tangible outputs from each research engineer. Overall, the aim of the Operation is to deliver impact from the research we do. The nature of the projects means our research is directly applicable to industry, society and the clear benefits for the employability of our research engineers. The operation maintains a focus on the justification for the research and understanding the overall target impact of the project through the production of impact posters at the end of the first year, the inclusion of impact updates in annual reports and a final impact report at the end of the project. Additionally the researchers are focussed on the potential impact they can make on the research environment with a keen eye kept on responsible research and innovation supported by training modules in the first year of the project. Typical impact arising from our projects includes;

  • Production of new products
  • Clear process improvements
  • Development of individuals to excel in their career
  • Incremental product developments
  • Incremental process improvements
  • Contribution to scientific knowledge base – publications and conferences.

Alaa Alaizok Prof. Davide Deganello, Dr. Christopher Phillips Craig Hardwick. The rheological and physiochemical properties of meat exudate found in meat packaging trays (POSTER). 29th World Conference on Food and Beverages, 27th August 2020

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Caroline Norrish Dr Richard Underhill, Mr Carlos Llovo-Vidal, Prof Cameron Pleydell-Pearce and Prof Nicholas Lavery. Using rapid alloy prototyping to understand the effects of residual elements on a low alloy steel (POSTER). 3rd Postgraduate Research Symposium on Ferrous Metallurgy. London, UK, 25th February 2020.

Daniel Stewart Prof Andrew Barron Rapid, accurte metallic iron analysis for ironmaking materials (POSTER). 3rd Postgraduate Research Symposium on Ferrous Metallurgy. London, UK, 25th February 2020

Benjamin Cummings Patient specific bone phantom models for pre-surgical planning and education (POSTER) Future Materials Conference, Leeds, 17th December 2019

Liam Cotton Dr Shahin Mehraban, Dr Tom Dunlop and Professor Cameron Pleydell-Pearce An Industrial Study Of The Change In Behaviour Of Microporous Insulation In Teeming Ladles. UNITECR, Tokyo, Japan, 12-17th October 2019.

Gethin Llewellyn Low-Pressure Microcellular foaming of polypropelene through Chemical, Physical, hybrid foaming agents. SPE Foams, 2-3rd October 2019, Valladolid, Spain.

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Coated M2A is a Swansea University initiative which provides industry led postgraduate research training in the areas of advanced materials and manufacturing. Fully funded by WEFO, EPSRC and industry, M2A is able to offer 24 EngD places and 8 MSc research places per year along with part-time PhD and masters.

“The research community fostered by being part of a large cohort of research engineers meant I felt supported by a group of similar peers, even when taking on something as potentially daunting as a doctorate.”

- Dan, Research Engineer

“The industry supported nature of the EngD has helped me develop lasting connections with my sponsor company, a top ten global steel producer”

- Josh, Research Engineer

Materials and Manufacturing Academy (M2A) provides industry led postgraduate research training based at Swansea University's new Bay Campus. M2A is part funded by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.