"I’ve been supported pursuing research collaborations both inside and outside of the UK, including visits to China, which has given me a global perspective on my own research"

- Dan, Research Engineer


The M2A offers an accessible and affordable method for engaging in university research. Through sponsoring a student, you will gain access to our state of the art facilities, access to leading academics and a dedicated researcher to carry out your project.

COATED M2A offers engineering doctorates that focus on industrial research projects in Materials and Manufacturing.

The Benefits

  • Subsidised, sector leading industrial research and development.
  • First-class facilities and expertise at Swansea University, a UK top 10 academic centre for advanced materials and manufacturing research.
  • A steady source of top-class research talent for your business.

Your Commitment

  • £10,500 + VAT a year (£42k in total) for an EngD
  • £4,500 + VAT for a Masters
  • A dedicated industrial supervisor

What You Get

  • A dedicated researcher who is paid a stipend to support their studies.
  • Access to the research facilities at Swansea University for the researcher.
  • A dedicated academic supervisor in the subject area of the research.
  • A completed thesis of the research at the end of the study programme.

Example Projects

  • Corrosion performance of novel engineering materials
  • Development of next generation paint formulations
  • Development of pre-treatment primers for building envelope products
  • Anti-tarnish coatings
  • Energy storage solutions for wind turbines
  • Development of transparent photovoltaic devices
  • Development of printed electronic displays
  • Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of fluid flow in industrial applications
  • Modelling the high speed formability of metals

Materials and Manufacturing Academy (M2A) provides industry led postgraduate research training based at Swansea University's new Bay Campus. M2A is part funded by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.